Traffic Control Assistance

Whether you are working for the city on projects or for a private company, any project done near or on a road will require stringent traffic control. Putting a person out there to direct the traffic is hardly practical for a long term project. Often, drivers do not even look and a person is going to be in a dangerous situation acting as a human flogger

That is fine for short term road projects and small streets. In the city and near major highways, an automated flagger assistance device is good to do the job. These devices are easily seen wherever roads are being repaired or built, especially when there is night work going on. Drivers need to be alerted well before they reach to spot that needs the traffic control most. This is why just one or two devices may not do the job.

automated flagger assistance device

Flagger assistance devices can be controlled in different ways. They can be operated via radio and also manually by remote control. The better way for these things to operate is if they are fully automated and set to accomplish the flagging tasks right by themselves. There should be flaggers ahead for drivers to see first and also right at the spot where lanes need to be shut down. Drivers will easily see the stop and go lights and traffic is properly controlled at that point.

These devices are not just a convenience. Such control of the roads and the vehicles on them actually saves lives and makes the job safer for the workers while keeping the work going until the job is done. If you are managing any project like this, consider finding one of the better companies to rent from. Look online and call to ask questions. Look at the prices. Then you can make a decision. Even portability is easy, as the devices are mobile.