What professional designers, engineers and source suppliers do for those who require an ultrasonic horn in their industrial space

branson ultrasonic horn

They supply an extremely wide range of industry related products. The professional designer, engineer and source supplier of the branson ultrasonic horn are also supplying industrial clients with sonotrodes used in the ultrasonic welding of plastics, ultrasonic metal welding, packaging, food processing – from slicing to cutting to liquid processing, textile cutting and sealing, material sieving, and processes defined as degassing and de-bubbling.

Materials under consideration include aluminum, titanium and hardened steel. There is even a material in use called CPM10V. It will always depend on the industrial client’s customized application requirements. Ultrasonic horns can be duplicated. This is the case where industrial clients are currently still utilizing their own equipment. A new horn can be manufactured, based on the original – on part composition, weld area and amplitude. 

Prior to that perhaps, the original horn, booster and converter will be tested individually and as a whole. Worn horns that have drifted out of frequency can be brought back to life. The engineers will be re-surfacing and re-tuning worn horns. Application feasibility takes care of assembly design recommendations. Existing applications will be fully tested in order to identify any problems for use. Pre-prepared and ready to use equipment will also be recommended for industrial clients, always with their exact assembly line in mind.

When you think of food processing, you can rest assured that during the design and manufacturing process (research and development will be very much part of) will be taking full account of required safety and security requirements. These will be measured strictly in accordance with laid down and existing industrial regulations, as well as those set by state and federal authorities, wherever and whenever the case may be.